Solfeggio Frequencies Tuned Music

Solfeggio Frequencies Tuned Music



The soil is the earth,,,

the earth is the star,  the star is the universe
So you are part of the pure universe
A series of flows that eat what has sprouted from the earth and return to the earth. 
Let's re-recognize the existence of important life in order to have a "precious experience of the soul" on the way.
By doing so, the power of the universe and the existence of chakras become closer.

Matter was born when the universe was born from Zero

What is zero?
Combining the two infinities makes it zero again.
Zero is an unstable state in which a large amount of energy is collected.
Stable by creating plus and minus infinity
When the infinity on both sides reaches its peak, it is drawn to the force and becomes zero again.
And it becomes unstable, and two new infinities are born for stability.

Solfeggio frequency 174Hz  Original Regression

 Examples of General Meaning
Basics of expansion and evolution of consciousness ,
Reassurance and affection ,
Pain reduction
 Purification does not mean "to clean" here.
It means returning from you who live in one country, one city in human society to the creatures who live in the planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy in the universe.
With that alone, you should be able to realize the great potential for sleeping in yourself.
Please listen with the feeling of being released when you come home from the tension when you go out.
Yes, "opening" the chakra may be more accurate with the image of "opening without permission" by relaxing. Then, it opens the tightly closed door and naturally releases the energy hidden inside.
When you're empty, a new breeze will automatically come in.
And it is an image that naturally circulates with the energy that overflows in the universe.

Solfeggio frequency 285Hz  Discovery and Expectations

 Examples of General Meaning
Expansion and promotion of consciousness from the multidimensional area
Request the energy field to repair internal organs
Energize (charge)
 An infinitely vast universe that can be called "like a infinity". And almost all of them move on a regular basis. It's as if it was created by calculation. Like a living thing. At least when you see this, you are aware and aware of things.
The soil is the earth, the earth is the star, and the star is the universe. A series of flows that eat what has sprouted from the earth and return to the earth.
Let's re-recognize the existence of important life in order to have a "precious experience of the soul" on the way.
By doing so, the power of the universe and the existence of chakras become closer.

Solfeggio frequency 396Hz  Prism Gate

Examples of General Meaning
Changing from guilt-centric thinking to fun emotion-centric thinking
Reducing defensive awareness to avoid trauma and fear
Helps achieve goals
Please try to return everything in your heart to the sky. Please return all your bodies to the soil. completely.
And again, it creates a body like a tree that grows from the soil, creates a soul (consciousness) like the wind creates clouds, and blows it into the body made of soil.
And feel the new values as if you were in the breeze.
By doing so, you should be able to feel the existence of a new world view without the power that was wasted.
Even if you trace your ancestors back to the birth of life on Earth, they will want you to be full of joy. That is why we have continued to renew so far.
This song supports such a gentle departure. Any number of times.

Solfeggio frequency 417Hz  Energy Field

Examples of General Meaning
Reduce negative feelings
Promotion of transformation
Mind to challenge change
Contact with infinite energy sources
In the new worldview, negative (anxiety) emotions can turn into gratitude, joy, and curiosity.
There are various emotions such as joy, anger, affection, and fun. Obviously, if those experience is already the purpose of life, no special great anxiety is needed.
Indeed, we have evolved over the years and have overcome various barriers.
Failure and plight are the food of evolution itself.
Chakras also exist to obtain infinite energy for that purpose.

Solfeggio frequency 528Hz  Healing Source

Examples of General Meaning
Conversion to ideal
Miraculous attraction
Recovery of cells and DNA
Bring out infinite possibilities
Activation of ability
Even if your mental strength is infinite, your physical strength is limited
In a productivity-focused social environment, it can be difficult for the body to exert its natural healing powers.
However, by normalizing the movements of the central nervous system and cells (water) with sound sensibilities and vibrations, we should be able to bring out the original healing power considerably.
For example, do you see the rainbow and feel it is just a natural phenomenon? 
Do you feel it is a "gift from nature"? 
Discussing which is right is not constructive. 
However, the latter can benefit 
from the power of nature. 
Nature is already in front of you, and you are already in it.
The possibilities of these frequencies are endlessly 
Effective use by your sensibilities.

Solfeggio frequency 639Hz  Relate Waves

Examples of General Meaning
Contact with a spiritual family (partner)
Dealing with connections with people
Repairing social issues
Improving relationships
Everyone has the power to believe without a doubt. Everyone acknowledges that its power will greatly affect the future of the earth in the future.
That power is "human power." And if it is demonstrated under "love", there should be nothing to worry about. Therefore, the connection between people is one of the important factors.
The connection is miraculously occurring in the tremendously wide universe.
This song was born to feel the vast journey.

Solfeggio frequency 741Hz  Vibration Waves

Examples of General Meaning
Improvement of expressiveness for a pure and stable life
Ability to solve problems
Purifying power
The easiest way to get in touch with your surroundings is to vibrate the "medium" and transmit its vibrations. "Air" is the medium on the ground and "water" is the medium in the water.
Humans use their throats to vibrate the medium, and the other party reads the vibrations and sends and receives information.
It may be called "air wave channeling".

Solfeggio frequency 852Hz  Another Sense

Examples of General Meaning
Returning to a spiritual state
Awakening and recognition of intuition through a fantastic (spiritual) world
Raise awareness (rise)
Some may think that the "sixth sense" does not exist.
However, other creatures already have various unique sensations that humans do not have. Including them, there should be more than six senses in life.
It is also true that by making full use of the "five senses" that humans are good at, it becomes more than the sixth sense.
For example, you can feel the power that you cannot see, hear, or touch, mainly by using the sensations and scents of your skin.
"Atmosphere" etc.
With this song, you may feel such power closer and more natural.
Harmony between the universe and yourself.

Solfeggio frequency 963Hz  Layer of Things

Examples of General Meaning
Room for unity and unity
Awakens the interaction with oneness and the interconnection with the universe
Think of it as a pure and bright vision in your heart
Matter was born when the universe was born.
They gather and change, and the stars (light), planets, and the life born there are made up of them. Therefore, you and the matter of the universe are all the same.
It is no exaggeration to say that there are no boundaries between your body, the stars, the light, and so on.
In other words, you are already the universe itself, the "source" of light.
Regaining that feeling may be easier than you think.
This is because you and the universe are already in an "inseparable relationship."
Recognizing these various "phenomena" is one of the main purposes of the mind.

Solfeggio frequency 528Hz&639Hz  Cool Down

Sometimes, when you realize the universe and your infinite possibilities, you may feel overwhelmed by the excitement.
If you don't want to change too quickly, listen to this song and cool down.
Don't worry about anything. This is the same reaction that a person who does not normally run after running suddenly.
Casual everyday.
It's a precious time on top of a mysterious phenomenon that has already accumulated with many miraculous probabilities.
By recognizing it, you can say that your dimension has risen by one.



Solfeggio Frequencies Tuned Music