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Solfeggio frequency 528Hz  Healing Source
Examples of General Meaning
Conversion to ideal
Miraculous attraction
Recovery of cells and DNA
Bring out infinite possibilities
Activation of ability
Even if your mental strength is infinite, your physical strength is limited
In a productivity-focused social environment, it can be difficult for the body to exert its natural healing powers.
However, by normalizing the movements of the central nervous system and cells (water) with sound sensibilities and vibrations, we should be able to bring out the original healing power considerably.
For example, do you see the rainbow and feel it is just a natural phenomenon? 
Do you feel it is a "gift from nature"? 
Discussing which is right is not constructive. 
However, the latter can benefit 
from the power of nature. 
Nature is already in front of you, and you are already in it.
The possibilities of these frequencies are endlessly 
Effective use by your sensibilities.