396 hz Prism Gate P.V on YouTube





Solfeggio frequency 396Hz  Prism Gate
Examples of General Meaning
Changing from guilt-centric thinking to fun emotion-centric thinking
Reducing defensive awareness to avoid trauma and fear
Helps achieve goals
Please try to return everything in your heart to the sky. Please return all your bodies to the soil. completely.
And again, it creates a body like a tree that grows from the soil, creates a soul (consciousness) like the wind creates clouds, and blows it into the body made of soil.
And feel the new values as if you were in the breeze.
By doing so, you should be able to feel the existence of a new world view without the power that was wasted.
Even if you trace your ancestors back to the birth of life on Earth, they will want you to be full of joy. That is why we have continued to renew so far.
This song supports such a gentle departure. Any number of times.

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