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Solfeggio frequency 174Hz  Original Regression
Examples of General Meaning
Basics of expansion and evolution of consciousness ,
Reassurance and affection ,
Pain reduction
Purification does not mean "to clean" here.
It means returning from you who live in one country, one city in human society to the creatures who live in the planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy in the universe.
With that alone, you should be able to realize the great potential for sleeping in yourself.
Please listen with the feeling of being released when you come home from the tension when you go out.
Yes, "opening" the chakra may be more accurate with the image of "opening without permission" by relaxing. Then, it opens the tightly closed door and naturally releases the energy hidden inside.
When you're empty, a new breeze will automatically come in.
And it is an image that naturally circulates with the energy that overflows in the universe.

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