Sedasa Farm to Table 
Fwith Chef Buda

  Chef Buda Organic Farm, Bon Village, Bali

Chef Buda is a young Balinese farmer who loves cooking. He believes food is at our feet, thus he turned nature to be an edible organic farm. Through Sedasa Farm to Table, he wants YOU to discover a new taste of culinary from farmers, to chef, to YOU.
Welcome to Chef Buda Organic Farm where you will be a farmer for a day, exploring edible garden and tasting food fresh from the ground. 30% profit will be shared to raise farmers' income. Travel with a lasting impact. This experience can be booked through Sedasa Lodge directly or our trusted partners and Airbnb Experience.

We Support & Collaboration ECO-Local activities 

We will send eco-local projects working in Bali Indonesia to the world, seek sponsorship, support activities.
We are planning to collaborate on events as well