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Hang Drum Healing Ambient Sound
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Arif Hendrasto

Hang Drum Sound Healing
This album ownest,original,simple
but strong and easy listening.
Hang drums and various ethnic instruments
are also used.
Arif Bali
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Arif Bali

 Arif Hendrasto
 Founder and Music director 'Arif Bali'
Born in Surabaya,east Java 1963. Arif ia musican and composer who has been working with music,theater and dance until now.
He grew up with islamic music from his grandfather and tradisional Javanese music.
He played with several musicgroup before joined Rendra Bengkel Theather for production of oidipus in 1987.
In late 1987 he worked for Didi Nini Thowok danceschool in yogyakarta,being member of street music group KPJM in Yogya at same time after moving to UBUD Bali in 1993 he played for different groups until now.He founded his own group Planet Bamboo on 1999 until now.





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Planet Bamboo

Traditional Balinese and Javanese instruments
Pranet Bamboo Arif Bali

Planet Bamboo is musical group basic in Ubud Bali where it was founded in 1999,that bring together musical instrument from all around the world to produce a range unique compositionn.
Because mist of the members of the group are Indonesian .
 Musical are takenfrom
tradisional Balinese and Javanese.However ,the group music has also been influenced by Arabic,Indian,African,Japan,and other musical styles.
In mist of instrument used by the group are also internasional.

Planet Bamboo Albums on Streaming

Vol.1   Spirit of the Rhythm


The initial idea for this album rose from something,
Which I have dreamed of and wished for,
As well as my personal experiences since I live in Bali.
I made this album to bring several kinds of
musical instruments
And different musical traditions together.
I was also inspired
by countless jamsessions with friends,
Who played music together in a special way.
Finally this led me to create the music, which can be
heard  On this album

Vol.2   Flowing with the Rhythm


In this music
the main thing is sound,mood and atmosphere.
It doesn't stick to any particularmusical tradition
because this would limit the expression.
Because it is flowing freely,
uniting people
through playing music together,
it is able to touch one's feelings,
regardless of nationality.

Vol.3   Spirit of Life


In this albumI want to express
that now man are become greedy, snob and selfish.
Forgotten their surrounding,and with one nature
disaster  they becameconfused and frightened.
Let's start to
take care of our Earth now
because we will get bad karma
if we are not.

Vol.4   Elements of the Rhythm

In this album

I try to make us stronger to face this life
without looking at the differences of skin colours and
without seeing where we live.
 Let's go together by holding on the
spirit and energy of life.

The common tie between all instrument bening that they are all accoustic.
The group choose the name '' Planet Bamboo'' to promote the " Cross Ethnic" concept. The name "Planet" refers to music and a group of people that are open minded and Internasional.
"Bamboo" refers to the group musical instruments,many of which instrument Made from bamboo or other tradisional materialis.All songs are created in collaboration by the members of planet bamboo under the musical leadership of Arif Hendrasto,According to musicl consept of single groupmbers some of the composition are illustrated by dancers while performing on stage.

Planet Bamboo Listed on Streaming


Planet Bamboo
Deep Turquoise

The stones are pieces of stars. A star is a piece of the universe.

Planet Bamboo

Planet Bamboo

Founder and Music director
Arif Hendrasto

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