Future Farmers. Indonesia (FFI)

Helping farming families through organic farming
Petang, Bali


FFI is initiated by

Yayasan Parama Anak Bangsa

FFI is a project that aims to create young changemakers who are able to catalyze change for rural agriculture.

What's Yayasan Parama Anak Bangsa ?

Yayasan Parama Anak Bangsa is a foundation that works towards increasing the pride and productivity of farmers. We believe that farming is a key component that the future cannot be without
Our programmes support student farmers and their families through education, production aid and market facilitation.

As Indonesia’s number 1 tourism destination that is known for its paddy fields, in Bali lies agriculture threat of the decreasing farmer population in rural areas.
Meanwhile agriculture has a big role for ingredient supply in tourism and farmers sustainability is needed to ensure that the island’s economy continue to thrive.

FFI Produce
vocational school 


Our initial focus for FFI is SMKN 1
  Petang as the only agriculture 
vocational school left standing in Bali.

SMKN 1 Petang

Land area Agro area Population Majors
: 9730 m2
: 2000 m2
: 319 students, 29 teachers : Agriculture Production &Food Processing

Most of the students come from farming family
and the school itself is in the agriculture area.

By inspiring and giving further insights towards the future of agriculture to the students, we will raise new generation of Balinese farmers that have understanding towards business, market demand, environment and technology.



will be developed as an agricultural research
and development centre for farmers in Petang,
especially those involved


in cooperative: LOKATANI

What's LOKATANI Cooperative?

It's aims to sustainably improve farmers income

Sold under LOKATANI Cooperative Brand

Q & A

>We are a movement that aims to increase Balinese farmers' quality of
life. Right now we started our activities by initiating a local

Who is members like back bone ?

At our backbone, we are a team of local Indonesian. Majority of us  
are youth having just graduated from university. To help us run the  
movement, we are mentored by local expert in different fields such as  
Balinese Landscape, Marketing, and Organic Production.

>organic vegetable brand "Bagi Bumi". Our pilot project began in August

Who gave birth to ideas? Who is the sponsor?

Radhya Avisya, the current project manager has felt, seen, and  
wondered why agriculture was always belittled by others when the need  
for food is endless. She herself is a graduate of Animal Husbandry  
from VHL University in the Netherlands, where farming is seen as one  
of the key industry holding the country and is appreciated. Thus the  
idea to make a movement to “make farming cool again” was created.  
Cause after all NO FARMER, NO FOOD, NO FUTURE.

The project began with the support of BNI Berbagi (CSR of Bank Negara  
Indonesia)and many individual donators. Every year with the growth  
from our Local Brand BAGI BUMI, we are planning to grow and make even  
more impact for more farming families.

>2018 at SMK N 1 Petang, the last agricultural highschool in Bali.

What's the difference SMK N 1 Petang and Future Farmers ?

A :
Future Farmers Indonesia is the movement while SMK N 1 Petang is  
the location of our farm model production and learning centre. It is  
where Future Farmers Indonesia began our operations and where we hope  
organic production continue to be seen by farmers, students, chef,  
businesses, and many more!

>We  work together with cinemawithoutwall and Sedasa Lodge as local
balinese here often still need to see actual proof before believing  about
organic farming.
And most importantly help the farmers market their  organic products
so they get the price they deserve.
Are there any suppliers?
Are you looking for a place to sell or a shop that will buy vegetables?

Yes! Very much. Currently we are selling our products every week  
through farmers market and sunday market events, but we want to grow  
even further. We want to be able to sell our products in the tourism  
sector so we can provide constant market for our farmers. However, we  
are looking for businesses and buyers who will appreciate the hardwork  
of our farmers that produce vegetable and fruit chemical-free.

>Next, we want to spread the benefits of organic farming to the parents  of
students as well as farmers in petang area.
We want to give them  planting kit of: seeds, organic fertilizer, natural
pesticides and  farming equipment
Who are making planting kit , seed or Seedlings ?
Where is the knowledge and experience from?

We got our basic knowledge from our mentors. For organic farming we  
are mentored by Island Organics Bali  
( https://www.islandorganicsbali.com/ ). From theory, in our first year,  
we conduct trials and trials with the help of students at SMK N 1  
Petang. Based on that trial and error we develop our own method and  
that we apply to the farmers. We make our own seedlings and distribute  
them to farmers, as in the seedling phase plants are most sensitive.  
So we want to reduce the risks to farmers.

We Support & Collaboration ECO-Local activities 

We will send eco-local projects working in Bali Indonesia to the world, seek sponsorship, support activities.
We are planning to collaborate on events as well