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Facilitate the synergy of mitigation and adaptation by combining knowledge and experience to influence international and national policies.

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Monetise products and activities that have great social and environmental values, but do not have a market yet, through synergy with related products.

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Learn and demonstrate what we “think and do” are scientifically beneficial for society and environments
by actually implementing them to our principles in daily basis. office projects

Here you can find what we do in dojo.
As a think-do-be tank we’re trying to improve our sustainable projects
in order to fight against climate change.


Biogas digester

Indonesia is one of the most populous country in the world.
For that reason, agriculture is a driving sector for the economy.
It represents 17% of the GDP and 40% of the lands are used for agriculture.
The country disposes of an abundant organic feedstock resources which helps for its growth.

In doing so, bioenergy and especially biogas
could help the development of Indonesia
and improve household living standards.

Indeed, many houses don’t have access to energy as electricity or fuel which are required for activities of daily living (cooking for example).
Offering biogas digester so farmers could be a solution to address these issues. Anaerobic digestion is a cheap-and-effective process in order to produce energy while using organic waste.
For the households, biogas allows them to treat safely waste and to get a high-quality-organic fertilizer.
Last but not least, nowadays most of the Indonesian are producing energy
with firewood and it produces a lot of household pollution.
Biogas can prevent them for being hurt
by CO2 emission within their houses.
With biogas project,
we aim to develop and implement displaceable-and-sustainable technology to be convenient,
cheap and easy to set up.

~ The Biogas size is adjustable, since we make it ourselves ~
standard is 3m x 1,25m

Underground Ventilation

In, we work in a holistic way that reflects our concern towards the environment and climate change. Using too much electricity, especially if it is not derived from the renewable energy, is obviously something we are trying to avoid. Somehow some of our issues need instant solutions, but not all of them are sustainable enough. One of our problems in the office is the moisture control that attracts fungus and termites and produces odour. Therefore, we decided to build a ventilation system under the wooden floor to avoid moisture and fungus development.
Our office is a traditional Javanese building, mainly composed of wood. Since we are located around the equator and very close to the sea, the climate here is particularly humid. The average yearly temperature in Bali is 26° Celsius, with a relatively higher average humidity. In our case, the building floor is close to the ground, so we have observed the development of moisture and termites. For a wooden house with completed construction, it is possible to add ventilation under the floor to fix the problem. However, we need to consider various aspects of building the whole system to adjust with the existing building such as construction type, air-conditioner performance, indoor and outdoor space, and heat exchange.
Overall, this is how the airflow is designed to go through the pipeline to ease the air circulation system. This design was chosen as this does not interfere with the existing building and does not take up much space. The airflow system is also designed to obtain the solar heat to accelerate the air circulation system.


To make the whole system more effective and accelerated, we installed an extra blower system under the ground. It is useful to reduce the humidity to the most optimum level as possible to avoid termite attack to the office. The blower that we installed is based on Shiroko system, which produces less noise and has more energy efficiency, which means electricity need is relatively lower using this system.
We do not stop here. We still seek for more opportunities to bring more innovations for the more sustainable system for better air circulation in our office.

water tank

In a country where there are only two seasons, the wet season and the dry season, the water supply is unequal throughout the year followed by the unbalanced water consumption. It creates a higher importance of water demand during the dry season in Indonesia. It appears to be a solution to keep the water from the wet season for the needs of the dry season. Besides, observed long periods without rain are not rare occasions. The possibility to harvest the water during the downpour becomes very interesting. Based on this condition, we initiated a water tank installation in our office to accommodate the water demand within the household and work level.
During the wet season, heavy storms and a huge amount of rain in a limited amount of time are not unusual. This leads to a considerable inflow into the tank in the collection phase. Due to this high amount of water collected from the roof to the pipe, it is reasonable to install a separate tank dedicated to the filtration of the first flush, in order to reduce the number of particles before the filter.

We found it quite problematic to keep standing water clean, especially with temperatures and air quality like those in Bali. It became a reason why it is extremely important to have the rainwater filtered before flowing it into the tank. It needs different levels of filtration to obtain stored clean water. This water will have to be drinkable as much as possible and at least clean enough for showering or brushing teeth.
Indeed, since the available space is limited, a model with a higher proportion between height and wide could be the best compromise. The most common and suitable for the location is the cylindrical shape. Besides that, the cylinder shape has a higher capacity to contain the pressures strengths due to the considerable water volume that will fill inside. Moreover, the round shape of the top part avoids stagnant water formation keep the top of the tank clean automatically.
Even though this project still needs some evaluations and further experiments, this project is a great initiation for better water availability in our office.


Holistic approach in our working environment is something we put forward and is rather a unique way of thinking. Aside from working on a number of projects, we also bring many ideas of green building concept to create a more sustainable environment in our office. So far, we have experimented with underground ventilation and water tank, and more will follow, including the gardening and water pump projects that are being under the initial action. Moreover, we also have our own biogas digester installed in our office.

We Support & Collaboration ECO-Local activities 

We will send eco-local projects working in Bali Indonesia to the world, seek sponsorship, support activities.
We are planning to collaborate on events as well