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Sunset Bali
Tribal Blue collab Sila Home Studio Production


Sila Plays Balinese Traditional Instruments on DTM.
cover paint Bhakto.

Lalloji meets Tribal Blue

- your good-vibes/chillout/lounge video of the day.
Here the first newborn of a multi-flavored/multi-colored
World Music new project with
Japanese DTM composer Yusuke Kuri
(Lalloji meets Tribal Blue) for you to enjoy without moderation.
Can you hear the call of the wild?

Solfeggio Freqency with Chakra

'Digest viewing Version'
The body's power spot chakra synchronizes with a specific frequency.
You may feel it at this P.V.
~Note~ This album is not yet downloadable.
Only Buy Book with CD Here >>

 Planet Cycle Grooves

'Digest viewing Version'
Our Planet has natural eco Cycle sistem it can be felt in Music.


Downlord for Free

Did you try Solfeggio Freqency 528hz with Music ?? 

You can feel here
With some Lounge Music 

Downlord for Free

Non stop dijest trial Alubum 

 Try to feel music wold

Albums Downlord

13 Chakra Maditation

Healing Music for your Chakra


Water Trip Relaxation

If you need Relax & Cool down use this Music


Contemporary Lounge
Product 'ONION UBUD'

Good for your BGM at home or Party and more..


 Farmers Market 

Fresh Vegetables , Fruits , Swap Market , Yoga , Workshopes
with Music , and more...

 Live act

Traditional instruments of various cultures.


We Support & Collaboration ECO-Local activities 

We will send eco-local projects working in Bali Indonesia to the world, seek sponsorship, support activities.
We are planning to collaborate on events as well



 Future Farmers. Indonesia (FFI)
Helping farming families through organic farming
Petang, Bali



Film Festival & Roadshow

Local is The New Luxury


UBUD RECORDS makes New Sound Music Tracks.

It's Traditional instruments of various Culture with mix on DTM . Cafe Lounge Music  , Club Music , nad more ...
Indonesia has many islands, there are many cultures and traditional music.
Various cultures and music instrument come to Bali from world.
We will make it collaborate with contemporary DTM music and make new music.

      Artists & Sound Products



Dissemination Contemporary Culture of Bali & Indonesia
keep natural cycle of this Planet



in water-sign Scorpio