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Arif Bali REBORN

 Product of Arif
Planet Bamboo
Best Album

All reMastered

3 Bonus Tracks New Sounds

This album is available for download
only on Band Camp
no plans for streaming at this time!









Traditional Balinese instruments
Cafe Lounge Music Collaboration Project

such as Gamelan Collab with
Chill-Out, Cafe, Lounge DTM music
Traditional instruments meet cutting-edge chords and beats to create a harmonic groove.
Instruments from...
Sila Homestudio


  These songs will be list on the upcoming album 

Archaic Crossroads

Experience an unprecedented musical fusion, where traditional instruments and
modern DTMs blend seamlessly.

Traditional instruments meet cutting-edge
chords and beats to create a harmonic groove.

A journey through time and sound is born.
Welcome to a harmonious collision of
tradition and innovation.
 which will be available for streaming
  coming soon more info...
Archaic Crossroads







arif bali

Arif Hendrasto

Hang Drum Sound Healing
This album ownest,original,simple
but strong and easy listening.
Hang drums and various ethnic instruments
are also used.
Arif Bali
Music Download at








Ethereal Soaring

from album

"Sunset to Bali" 


Sitarist Anil Dhital and various artists
will soon release a collaborative album called "Sun set to Bali" 
Ethereal Soaring
is a track from the album and is available for promotional release on YouTube.

Coming Soon !!





Gaia Harmonic Grooves


   Feel the Harmony
  Groove of the Earth.
Collaboration Album of Traditional Tnstruments Sound
from Various Countries
with  DTM (desktop music)





Native Beat Science


 It's Traditional instruments of
various Culture with mix on DTM .
Cafe Lounge Music  , Club Music , and more ...

 ~  Collaboration Artist ~
Anello Capuano
Anil Dhital
Sila Home Studio Production







Spiritual World Collab
Spiritual World Guides and Music


Meditations, Energizing and Imagery Music and Guides
help to make the Spiritual World clearer!
13 Chakras Spirits

13 Chakras Spirits

Relaxation Music with the following 6 chakras
added to the 7 chakras
~ Higher Self ~ 
Resides above the crown chakra and
surrounds the outer circumference of the body
~ Sacred Heart ~
Instinctive Power, located deep within the Heart Chakra
~ Healing Left and Right   ~
Located on both hands and used for healing
~ Grounding Left and Right ~ 
Located in both feet and used to connect with the earth



Solfeggio Frequency Tuned Music

The soil is the earth, the earth is the star,  the star is the universe
So you are part of the pure universe
A series of flows that eat what has sprouted
from the earth and return to the earth. 
Let's re-recognize the existence of important life in order to have a "precious experience of the soul" on the way.
By doing so, the power of the universe and the existence of chakras become closer.



13 Chakras Meditation

13 Chakras Meditation

Music & Gide
Why do we need "13 chakra's meditation"?
Soil with the ground,
the ground with the earth,
the earth with the stars, stars with the universe.
These are all connected.
A plant which glows up from soil is a part of the universe.
A life which eats them is also a part of the universe.








Planet Bamboo

~Traditional Balinese and Javanese instruments~
Planet Bamboo's four albums released on analog CDs from 2000 to 2005
Digital distribution started from 2021
Arif Hendrasto  "Planet Bamboo" Founder and Music director



Vol.1   Spirit of the Rhythm


The initial idea for this album rose from something,
Which I have dreamed of and wished for,
As well as my personal experiences since I live in Bali.
I made this album to bring several kinds of
musical instruments
And different musical traditions together.
I was also inspired
by countless jamsessions with friends,
Who played music together in a special way.
Finally this led me to create the music, which can be
heard  On this album

Vol.2   Flowing with the Rhythm


In this music
the main thing is sound,mood and atmosphere.
It doesn't stick to any particularmusical tradition
because this would limit the expression.
Because it is flowing freely,
uniting people
through playing music together,
it is able to touch one's feelings,
regardless of nationality.

Vol.3   Spirit of Life


In this albumI want to express
that now man are become greedy, snob and selfish.
Forgotten their surrounding,and with one nature
disaster  they becameconfused and frightened.
Let's start to
take care of our Earth now
because we will get bad karma
if we are not.

Vol.4   Elements of the Rhythm

In this album

I try to make us stronger to face this life
without looking at the differences of skin colours and
without seeing where we live.
 Let's go together by holding on the
spirit and energy of life.








Soil Fantasy


Traditional Instrument Player
Anello Capuano


Traditional Instrument used
Saz Damboura

Planet Bamboo
Deep Turquoise

Founder and Music director

Arif Hendrasto

The stones are pieces of stars. A star is a piece of the universe.

Planet Bamboo

Founder and Music director

Arif Hendrasto


Planet Bamboo 

Founder and Music director  

Arif Hendrasto


Lalloji meets Tribal Blue

- your good-vibes/chillout/lounge video of the day.
Here the first newborn of a multi-flavored/multi-colored
World Music new project with
Japanese DTM composer Yusuke Kuri
(Lalloji meets Tribal Blue) for you to enjoy without moderation.
Can you hear the call of the wild?





Arranged by : Tribal Blue  (UBUD RECORDS)
Sitar : Anil Dhital
Camera : Saroj Khanal
Record and mixed : Metal Institute


  Special thanks to
Pramesh shrestha, Sundar Humagain, Saroj Khanal, Yusuke kuri.






Relaxation Music & Effective Ocean VJ

Relaxation Music and effective images
in the sea such as Bali

Solfeggio Frequency Tuned Music






Albums Downlord and Streaming

13 Chakras13 Chakras

13 Chakra Maditation

Healing Music for your Chakra


Water Trip Relaxation

If you need Relax & Cool down use this Music


Contemporary Lounge
Product 'ONION UBUD'

Good for your BGM at home or Party and more..







We Support & Collaboration ECO-Local activities 

We will send eco-local projects working in Bali Indonesia to the world, seek sponsorship, support activities.
We are planning to collaborate on events as well



 Future Farmers. Indonesia (FFI)
Helping farming families through organic farming
Petang, Bali



Film Festival & Roadshow

Local is The New Luxury







 Farmers Market 

Fresh Vegetables , Fruits , Swap Market , Yoga , Workshopes
with Music , and more...


 Live act

Traditional instruments of various cultures.








UBUD RECORDS makes New Sound Music Tracks.

It's Traditional instruments of various Culture with mix on DTM . Cafe Lounge Music  , Club Music , nad more ...
Indonesia has many islands, there are many cultures and traditional music.
Various cultures and music instrument come to Bali from world.
We will make it collaborate with contemporary DTM music and make new music.

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Keep natural cycle of this Planet